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To properly utilize the Algorise DAPP, you'll need an Algo wallet and AlgoriseXtokens. The amount of AlgoriseX tokens needed varies, depending on the feature you would like to access

Sports Betting

Get a taste of our trailblazing Virtual Sports Betting Site. Users will be able to bet on fun sports events using their AlgoriseX Tokens to gain access and seamlessly participate in this entertaining activity. What's even better? They can get rewards while at it.

NFT Marketplace

Users can buy, sell or mint NFTS using their AlgoriseX tokens. Come trade your NFTs in the most aesthetically pleasing NFT Marketplace. Connect your wallet to trade or mint NFTS in the
Algorise NFT Marketplace

Sport Merch Marketplace

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Users can shop quality customized Algorise Sports kits, sporting accessories, etc. Connect your wallet to buy and get your purchase shipped in the eligible countries


Just by holding AlgoriseX tokens, users can participate in the various games we have on our DAPPS


Spin Wheel

Minimum of 10million AlgoriseX tokens to play

3spins @ 100, 000 AlgoriseX tokens

6spins @ 150, 000 AlgoriseX tokens

The spin wheel will range from 5, 000 ARSx

tokens to 300, 000 ARSx tokens.


Board Games

Minimum of 30, 000, 000 AlgoriseX tokens

Fee – 300, 000ARSx tokens


Arcade Games and Combat Sports

Minimum of 50, 000, 000 AlgoriseX tokens.

Fee: 1, 000, 000 AlgoriseX tokens.

Reward: 3, 000, 000 AlgoriseX tokens

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