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Algorise Token is now live

Algorise has a vision of a world where the use of cryptocurency is conventional and orthodox for payments of online buying of Sports Tickets, Sporting Kits/Accessories and more

Algorise intends to bring this vision to fruition by becoming a strong reference point for Virtual Reality and Augumented Reality based games, championing the revolution of Blockchain based Sports Betting, launching a not only user-friendly NFT marketplace but an aesthetically pleasing Sports Marketplace as well; of course, we would not forget to mention the incredible streaming services that will be live on our website.

AlgoriseX tokens will be used as an official currency for the AlgoriseXBet Sports Betting Platform launching soon. The mission is for AlgoriseX to replace fiat curency options for purchases relating to Sports. i.e Users can deposit and play games with their AlgoriseX tokens rather than their fiat currency. AlgoriseX holders will be able to participate in Fitness-Enhancing AR/VR related games amongst many other fun games licensed to be played on our DAPPS. The token will also be the currency for in app-purchases, level upgrades in the games and so much more.

Algorise is built on a Decentralized Blockchain Ecosystem that combine easy swapping of AlgoriseX token to Algorand and vice versa. Hence, put quite simply, Algorise is bridging the gap between Algorand and Sports. Contend with a State-of-the-Art Virtual Sports Betting Platform and the most interesting sports games on the planet.

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